Music Cleveland is here to support the bands, the clubs, and the fans.

Looking for a "How-To" article

We have many articles that might help you out. Looking for how to build an EPK or how about an EQ graphics chart.

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  • 02.Free

    Make plans to attend a variety of Free Concerts in our area.

    Support Local Music! Attend some if not all of the free concerts listed.

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  • 03.Fill-In

    Band Member out? Need to find someone fast?

    Get listed as a Fill-In Musician or find a fellow musician that is willing to step in for the night.

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  • 04.Photo

    Saw a photo you like? Interested in having some of your band?

    Browse through photos from Captured by Music Cleveland. Interested in having us come out to shoot your band?

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    Music Cleveland is here to support the bands, the clubs, and the fans. Who can remember the 80’s when it seemed there was a venue for live entertainment on every corner. The productions were impressive with large stages, PA and lighting systems. The bands and musicians were bigger than life and gave incredible performances. Times change…not as many clubs, fewer "large production" PA and lighting systems. However, one thing has not changed...The bands and musicians still go all out and give incredible performances.

    The local area with its diverse talent still has so much to offer and deserves to be recognized locally as well as nationally. We can help accomplish this by assisting musicians and local business with helpful information which can all be found in one location.

    Our goal, not only to entertain music fans, but with intent to bring musicians and local music industry business together building a strong recognizable presence here in the Cleveland/Akron area. Established for you... established for the fans...established to support musicians and the entertainment world.